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The American Pit Bull was initally used for pit fighting way back when it originated in the 1800's. Dog fighting is illegal now, but some people still (cringe) enjoy the sport. Yes the Pit Bull has a bad reputation, but if you research deep enough, you'll find that most of the dog bites don't come from the pit bull.

There are plenty of good people out there who don't care what type of reputation a particular breed has or had. They love the dog for it's character. These are the kind of people that SHOULD own dogs.

I'll be the first to admit that before I actually got to know a Pit, I was like everyone else. I was uninformed and close minded about the breed. I was also a little intimidated as well, but I loved dogs to such a point that I put that aside and got to know 3 at once. I found that they are very friendly and vocal. They have alot of energy and can accidentally knock down an unsuspecting one. The American Pit Bull is truly one of man's best friend.